Heads Up Tutoring Reading Therapy

One-on-one instruction at your child’s pace, free of distraction and embarrassment. Your child will learn to read and spell accurately, while you learn how to support continued learning at home.

Does your child have difficulty reading?

Does he read ‘tip’ as ‘pit’?

Did her reading progress stop in 3rd grade?

Does he read ‘where’ as ‘here’?

Does she stumble over new words?

Does he make odd spln mstaks ?

Translating letters on a page into spoken words is not a natural skill, but it can be taught.

Reading Evaluation

An hour-long reading evaluation session testing phonemic awareness, segmentation, blending and code knowledge, with a report on current grade reading level and suggested remediation.

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Weekly sessions

Your child can complete a full course of Phono-Graphix® in 12-18 weeks (evaluation required first) Sessions are typically one hour, scheduled once or twice per week, depending on the expected remediation time.

Intensive sessions

In-home tuition is available for intensive sessions.

Two week intensive

A full course of Phono-Graphix® to bring your child up to grade level (evaluation required first)

a 12-hour therapy course

Course schedule:

3 times a week eg Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2 hours per day with 10 minute break

One week intensive

Your child can complete a full course of Phono-Graphix® in just one week!

12-hour therapy course

Intensive course schedule:

Runs Monday-Friday, 3 hours per day with 15-minute break

email to arrange

Additional services