Heads Up Tutoring Reading Therapy

One-on-one instruction at your child’s pace, free of distraction and embarrassment. Your child will learn to read and spell accurately, while you learn how to support continued learning at home.

Rosemary Marks

Rosemary Marks is a qualified Registered Phono-Graphix™ Reading Therapist. She can quickly identify reading problems with code knowledge, phonological processing, phoneme manipulation and create a personally tailored teaching program so students rapidly improve. As a result of the program students learn effectively and develop confidence.

She studied 3 years at University College London, London University gaining a B.Sc.(Hons) in Psychology, which included Developmental Child Psychology, Psycholinguistics and Cognition.

Rosemary gained a Post-Graduate teaching qualification in Science Education at Kings College, London University, including a Certificate of Distinction for the Design of Educational Materials. She has taught Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) to a wide range of ages and abilities (11-18) in leading state schools throughout England and is certified to teach in California.

Since coming to California in 1998 she has taught many different students across a range of ages and abilities, to private, state and home-schooled students. Her exceptional curriculum development skills enable her to design specific programs to suit the needs of each individual student.


For fifteen years I have worked with Ms. Marks in various ways, as her trainer, colleague in self-employed private practice, and supervisor in contracting work for the Phono-Graphix Reading Company. She is a true master with engaging students, with assessment and instruction; she is quick with concepts and situations; she is direct and excellent at all she does. I have referred many clients to her through the years, all of whom were very pleased with her work. I trust her so much that I have asked her to help plan and co-present some of our 35-hour certification courses with me. Through the years, she has become a close friend. She even wrote a letter of reference for the adoption of our daughter. I recommend her unreservedly.
Erin Duncan, CEO, Phono-Graphix Reading Company
Rosemary Marks worked previously with my son on the Phonographix program, and at eight years old he is reading at the 7th grade level. He loves reading so much, I have to take away his Kindle to get him to do other activities. Rosemary is currently working with my youngest who is 6 years old. She not only is an expert in teaching children the mechanics of reading, but also inspires them to fall in love with literature through poetry, children’s classics, and her own passion for the stories she shares with children. I highly recommend her for both gifted students as well those who are struggling with reading or ESL students.
Yu-Whei Chang
I don't know what I'd do without Mrs. Rosie Marks. She has taught Devin so much—his reading has improved tremendously in a short period of time!
Julia Harold
Rosie was my daughter’s first teacher. My daughter was adopted from an orphanage in Eastern Europe at 3½ and had cognitive/developmental delays and severe emotional problems. Rosie’s intelligence, warmth, skill, patience and personal strength were a great inspiration to my daughter. She taught my daughter reading fundamentals and inspired her with a love of learning. Rosie helped her to overcome her fear of failure and increased her self-confidence. There simply weren’t any other teachers around who were capable of helping my daughter when she was young. I can’t think of any other teacher I have met who could have worked with a child with such limitations so successfully and skillfully.
Patricia Canon